AZ CNA reciprocity question

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    I moved to AZ in August from Colorado. While I'm waiting to get my 1-yr residency so I can apply for the BNFP, I'd like to get my CNA and complete some courses for my BSN. I looked into the CNA programs (MCC, specifically) here and they meet once a week for 1 semester. I would really like to get my certification before that so I can start working. I am still trying to sell my house in CO and there is a CNA program there (at the community college) that lasts 6 weeks and doesn't require all the hoops to jump through that MCC does.

    If I take the CNA program in CO, does anyone know if it would be better to take the certification exam there or in AZ? I read somewhere (here?) that AZ will make you retake the program in AZ if you are not yet certified. If this is true, could I get certified in CO, even though it is not my state of residency, and then get reciprocity in AZ?


    P.S. If anyone knows of any <6 wk CNA programs in the Phoenix area, that would help too

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    You can try Pima Medical Institute...
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    I got my CNA certification from RSAA in Mesa, AZ. I would highly recommend them to everyone. I would never waste an entire semester at MCC to become a CNA. The 3 week day class was plently. I passed the board exam the 1st time and am now certified in AZ and VA.

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