ASU/MCC concurrent program --fall 2012 start

  1. I received an email yesterday advising I got in! I was thrilled to say the least (been on the waitlist for almost 2 years). I had put in for the Boswell location, but the letter stated they are no longer accepting new students. Not sure if they just filled up the spots by the time they got to me but I was a little disappointed since I live a lot closer to that campus. My divorce is almost final and I have to move anyway so I guess this is a sign that I should move closer to Mesa. I was looking for a fresh start anyway Anyone else get in?
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  3. by   skoolgirl
    I did! And I don't know why I feel so sick! I have that same feeling I get when I have ticked slowly to the top of a very steep drop on a rollercoster ride. Excited and Sick at the same time.
  4. by   Lmarko
    I know, it's so exciting to finally get into a program after waiting so long, but now that the initial thrill of that has worn's a little scary and daunting. I have so much going on in my personal life right now that I pray I will be able to put enough study time in to do well. This is so important to me, I've GOT to make it work!
  5. by   DRoth
    I also got my acceptance letter for MCC/NAU for fall 2012 start. I'm a little confused... why does the maricopa nursing home page say "...only 12 CEP applicants have applied from ASU."???? Why doesn't it say anything about NAU applicants??? Well either way we are going to be new classmates!!!
  6. by   peterbrasco
    Congrats!!!! I received email on the 18th, was accepted for MCC/NAU for fall start also. I have applied to NAU for admission and waiting. I am not sure why NAU applicants are not mentioned. But since we got into MCC with the CEP and only CEP students for NAU AND ASU have been the only ones who have recieved emails for acceptance so far. My understanding is that MCC is specfically for concurrent program both NAU AND ASU, but since only 12 students accepted for ASU, then the remaining spot will be open to regular maricopa nursing(public).
  7. by   Lmarko
    I was surprised to read that only 12 students accepted the ASU CEP. Maybe it is because of tuition or the fact they aren't offering Boswell anymore. Mesa is definitely a farther drive for me but I can't turn down a program right now, I've waited too long. I'll just record the lectures and listen to them on the drive in and out
  8. by   DRoth
    You are right peterbrasco. I called and all the spots for NAU were filled - that's why they didn't mention it. I have my LOUIE acct set up and gmail acct set up. I also called NAU financial aid and they said to make sure only NAU is on your FASFA - not both (MCC/NAU). Just curious, what was your date stamp and did anyone have deficiencies? Mine was 2/2/11 with no deficiencies. I can't wait til my page doesn't say, "Diana, you have not been placed yet."
  9. by   peterbrasco
    I also have my Louie account setup, my admission to NAU is pending, didn't know it takes forever to get admission there.Transcripts sent already 2weeks now. Financial aid through FASFA for NAU AND MCC done.My time stamp for mcccd nursing is 10/8/10. I know i can't wait either. By tuesday it will not say " Diana, you have not been placed yet" lol. I have a 3.3 GPA, i am black male. I forgot about faxing in my level one fingerprint card but did and the next day was when i received acceptance email. Need to figure out my vaccines and stuff soon after i receive the package for admission. I was told it would be through email. I was told last week, to allow 2 weeks for everything to fall in place with NAU/MCC, the person in charge of the NAU/MCC program said she would call me.
  10. by   DRoth
    So we need to fax our fingerprint card? Who do you fax it to? I haven't received any package either...just letters stating my acceptance.
  11. by   peterbrasco
    Yeah, the status page had the fingerprint info.
  12. by   peterbrasco
    Even if you have re-affirmed and have been placed, you still need to fax or email your level one fingerprint card. The status page will show where to fax it to or email it to. And it will show on your status page as confirmed.
  13. by   peterbrasco
    Officially placed. Nice.