ASU Fall 2011 Hopefuls!

  1. hey everyone! just wanted to start a thread for all of the asu (arizona state university) fall 2011 hopefuls out there!

    i'm hoping to get into the mayo program! it is less than 15 minutes from where i live compared to over a half hour to the downtown campus. i would also love to graduate in 16 months. the extra tuition and fees are killer tho : /. i have yet to take the teas yet but i am super nervous! i bought the ati study package as well as a "secrets to the teas" book lol. going to the advancement workshop on april 7th! i've heard of some of the changes they've made! can't wait to know all of the information about them!

    anyhoo, hope to talk to some of you other hopefuls out there! have a great day!
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  3. by   CinDRnyc
    I was looking on the Mayo website and I couldn't find a RN program?? Is that what you are applying for? I applied to ASU BSN program directly as a Transfer student and got accepted under a "Health Sciences" Major instead. I am attending the BSN info sessiion today so hopefully I can get more info regarding what to do next. I read that the McGraw Hill book is really good for the TEAS test. I am also applying to MCCD program as a backup. Anyone else attending the info session at 5:30 today?
  4. by   Melk62
    Hello Cindy,

    I don't think you will find any information on mayo's website as it is through ASU not Mayo. I'm also talking about the traditional pre-licensure BSN program. ASU does not offer RN programs, but they do have the RN-BSN. Here is all the information there is about the Mayo campus program. There's not very much, you should call nursing student services to find out more.

    It is simply a different campus option for the upper division program, downtown campus being the other.
    Why did you not get accepted for ASU's BSN?
  5. by   megan28
    Are you an incoming freshman next year in regard to that traditional pre licensure program? I have been accepted as a nursing major. When I talked to the nursing college they informed me that as of Spring of 2011 that ensures you a spot in their upper divison nursing program granted you get no C's in your pre-req classes. I am however kind of confused about this whole program so if that's what you are talking about we can discuss it!
  6. by   CinDRnyc
    Your not the only one who is confused. I went to an info session on Wednesday which didn't clarify that much. I am meeting with an adviser March 28th so I will have more info then. Honestly I may just wait it out at MCC, so much cheaper.....
  7. by   megan28
    Yeah ive read almost everything on ASU's website that I can find looking for info. But regardless, I am going to ASU I am admitted and enrolled in Fall of 2011 so there is no turning back now! haha.
  8. by   goasu
    how many spots are available for fall 2011?
  9. by   LindzB
    For Fall 2011, there are 60 spots really doesn't seem like alot.. welp!
  10. by   Caravman
    Hi everyone! I'm applying and hoping to get accepted in Fall 2012. 60 spots isn't very much at all, considering that there are those who have continued eligibility. Do you guys have any tips for me, anything at all, who's trying to compete for a spot? I'm taking the TEAS test soon. I hope it isn't horribly hard.