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    Is anyone currently enrolled in the accelerated BSN program at ASU? I am looking forward to applying provided the program is funded for the next calendar year (2013). I have currently have two undergraduate degrees from ASU, and have completed all of the prereq requirements in the community college system as of spring 2012. Currently, I work in the technology industry (software engineer), and am looking forward to a career change.

    I would like some feedback on the application process from anyone who has gone through it. I would also love to hear about current experiences in the program. I am certainly a non-traditional student in terms of age, and would like to connect with anyone that has taken this type of challenge on.

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  3. by   2ndTime
    Hi I am a current ASU student. I'm not in the accelerated program, but the application process is just the same for both traditional and accelerated. ASU recently changed the way they select their students for admission into the upper division program. They now give more credit to those that have taken their prereqs at ASU rather than transfer credits from CC or somewhere else. I would talk to an adviser because it wasn't like that when I applied. The application process was kind of tedious with all the paperwork and the anxiousness about the TEAS exam. Everyone pretty much had straight As in order to get in.
    Let me know if you have any more questions.