Anyone starting the RSAA CNA day program in Jan. (2010)?

  1. Hi!

    I just wanted to see if anyone here was starting the RSAA CNA day program (3 weeks) in Jan. '10?
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  3. by   aztova
    I saw your other post about CNA's as well. Are you going to RSAA, then? It is a great program.
  4. by   WalldancerNIT
    I think so. I looked through a lot of other threads on RSAA here after I posted that, and almost everyone really liked them. So, I haven't put my deposit in yet, but I think I will this weekend.

    Did you take the day, evening, or weekend program? Any advice on the course itself?

  5. by   aztova
    I took the 3 week day course. The course is pretty easy. I never studied hard and passed every test with ease. That is why I would NEVER waste an entire semester on a CNA course. It isn't hard and shouldn't take that long to learn how to do the skills required to be a CNA. Granted I now have ZERO desire to be a CNA.
  6. by   WalldancerNIT
    I hear ya. I already have zero desire to be a CNA , but I'm so excited to start working (hopefully) in a hospital setting and my RN grad date is looking like Dec. 2012. I have to start somewhere...
  7. by   aztova
    Are you still waiting to get into a nursing program?
  8. by   WalldancerNIT
    I have to wait until I have AZ residency (August) before I can apply to the BNFP. The next cohort I'll be eligible for is March 2011. However, by then I will have all of my pre-reqs for the ASU BSN program and can start just before the BNFP program, graduate a few months later, but with a BSN instead of an ASN. So if I ever get a' hankerin' to spend another 2 years in school after getting my RN, it will be for my Masters.

    BUT - either way, I have at least just over a year before I can get into a program (I'll also apply at MCCC in May as a fall back), so I'll need to work in the mean time. I could earn a lot more money doing what I used to do, but I'd rather get my feet wet and get some experience in health care.
  9. by   aztova
    Great plan! By the way, don't let people tell you that you probably won't be able to get a CNA job at a hospital without some experience. A friend of mine who took the same class with me at RSAA got a job at Scottsdale Healthcare. Now they are paying for all of her pre-reqs for nursing school! I was hired at a hospital in VA without any experience but passed on the job once I found out the pay which was ridiculously low. If you take the class, start applying right away because you can work without being board certified. The clinicals are held at LTC facilities and the experience was quite eye-opening. I hope and pray that I never end up in one of those places.
  10. by   WalldancerNIT
    Thanks for the advice! That's good to hear that I might be able to get a job at a hospital, but also good to know that I will be doing LTC for clinicals (didn't know). Also good to know that I should start applying as soon as I'm out. I'd really like to apply at Banner. Have you heard anything about new CNAs getting jobs there?
  11. by   2bnursewithnopurse
    hi walldancer i was just wondering if youve already paid your fees or tuition for RSAA?
    I recently went to LAM & Associates school of nursing assistants for my CNA training,like RSAA they offer the same schedule, same accreditation, same passing rate, and if you live in closer to Phoenix youll save some serious gas......I only paid 900 dollars and completed my training in 3 weeks. LAM & associates is a family owned and operated school and they have small classes and they seem to get you in for the state board exams a lot faster than most other schools. Good Luck with everything and yes, CNA training is easy!!!!!
  12. by   WalldancerNIT
    Hi nopurse,

    I did already pay the deposit, but RSAA is also $900 with completion in 3 weeks. I will be in Chandler, not far from RSAA, so this is a better option for me. Plus, I think the class I have switched to (starting Nov. 30th) has 10 people in the class.

    Thanks for the suggestion, though! I know others who lived in different areas were looking for closer options than RSAA.
  13. by   aztova
    And RSAA will tell you when the state board exam will be sometime throughout the 3 weeks. I think we finished at the end of July and the exam was the 1st or 2nd week of August. The nurse who comes to grade the clinical part of the test is fantastic. She really calms your nerves and makes you feel like you can do it.
  14. by   WalldancerNIT
    I have really liked the folks I've talked to there. The Jan. program offered the exam a week after the last day of class and the Nov. class offers it 2 days after class (on a Sunday, no less!)