Anyone starting the RSAA CNA day program in Jan. (2010)? - page 2

Hi! I just wanted to see if anyone here was starting the RSAA CNA day program (3 weeks) in Jan. '10?... Read More

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    Hi nopurse,

    I did already pay the deposit, but RSAA is also $900 with completion in 3 weeks. I will be in Chandler, not far from RSAA, so this is a better option for me. Plus, I think the class I have switched to (starting Nov. 30th) has 10 people in the class.

    Thanks for the suggestion, though! I know others who lived in different areas were looking for closer options than RSAA.

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    And RSAA will tell you when the state board exam will be sometime throughout the 3 weeks. I think we finished at the end of July and the exam was the 1st or 2nd week of August. The nurse who comes to grade the clinical part of the test is fantastic. She really calms your nerves and makes you feel like you can do it.
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    I have really liked the folks I've talked to there. The Jan. program offered the exam a week after the last day of class and the Nov. class offers it 2 days after class (on a Sunday, no less!)
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    I think my exam was on a Sunday. Yeah, RSAA was pretty decent. The front desk girl is a bit dizzy but other than that they provided everything that was expected. My class was pretty big, like 25 or so but it didn't make any difference to me. The subject matter is so remedial that if someone has trouble in a CNA class of 25, they might want to rethink nursing school.

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