Anyone have any knowledge about NAU nursing?

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    I didn't receive any feedback from the main forum, so I thought I'd check here. I just applied to NAU Accelerated BSN program. I have a 3.9 GPA, but scored a 79 on the Kaplan. The testing center told me that was the typical area to score on the Kaplan and she'd never seen anyone score in the 90s. I have really good volunteer and healthcare experience, but I also know it all hinges on GPA and Kaplan. Does anyone know my chances? The nursing advisor said he couldn't give out statistics from last year, he didn't know.....

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    Do you know if the Accelerated is different than the non accelerated group?

    I'm in the parntership program, but it's the standard 4 Block program.
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    Soida, I'm not sure. How competitive was entry for you in the Standard program.
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    It was sort of competitive. You have to have 2 letters of recommendation. I had those, but I didn't have any from a medical background. Plus I was the last group that was accepted that could be short any credits on the Pre req's.
    The big plus about this program is that we found out in less than 3 weeks if we got accepted or not. I did not get my first choice, but I figured that this was due to me being a few credits short of completing all the pre req's, and not having any nursing/medical background on my job or letters of recommendation.

    If you go to the application session, they should be able to tell you when to expect a response as to whether you get accepted or not. I think 3 or 4 MCCCD schools are doing the Concurrent program, so you might have a better chance as more schools link up with NAU.

    You might also want to check out the ASU concurrent program. I know it's more money, but it never hurts to explore all your possibilities.

    I had a 4.0 when I applied to the NAU concurrent program, and I can't remember what I got on the NET. I just hope they can tell you quickly whether you got accepted or not.

    NAU is also doing a partnership with University of Phoenix as well.

    Hope this helps...
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    Did you get grades for each section of the Kaplan (math, reading, writing, science)? My science score was on the low side, but my grades for the other three areas were very good. I'm in the 5 semester program in Tucson. It was emphasized to us when we were applying that the experience and volunteer section was very important. Your GPA is great, and with a good amount of experience and volunteering, you're a good candidate, but I know it's competative. List EVERYTHING on that experience page. Good luck!!!
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    I just applied with a 4.0 one class in progress and a 91 on the Kaplan. I had only a little experience in the medical fields and my references were not from healthcare professionals. I am hopeful that my scores are good enough because my plan B is not good. They say 6-8 weeks before acceptance letters go out, it's going to be a long 2 months.
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    adbnau, those are fantastic scores! I am sure that you will be a top candidate. 91 is an AWESOME score on the Kaplan. I don't think that they are going to look too closely at medical experience or references. From what I understand, it's all about the Kaplan and GPA.

    What's your background? I have a teaching degree, but have been a SAHM for the past few years to my 5 children and a host of medically fragile foster children. I am definitely ready to once again join the professional world. I have one IP class(Pathophysiology), what is your IP?

    PS- My name is Stacey and it will be great to wait it out with someone else.
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    Stacey- I went to NAU in 1999 and received a BS in psychology but went on to spend the next 12 years in restaurant management. I decided it was time to do something more fulfilling.

    Are you in Arizona? I know in the past they had applicants from all over the country. If anyone else is reading this and has applied please post you story too.
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    Yes, I'm from Arizona also. I talked to the nursing advisor and he said they go by a points system. It is set up so that you can receive up to 15 points. Kaplan, GPA and volunteer/healthcare experience are each considered a category that you can score up to 5 points each. He said that most applicants that are accepted are in the 12 to 13 point range. So, you are in pretty good standing.

    That is quite a leap from restaurant management to healthcare. I bet you will find nursing very fulfilling. I waited tables all through college and I remember thinking that the managerial staff had a high stress job. With your background, you will be great working with people, especially those that are upset.
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    Did your advisor tell you how they are scoring those categories? The class I have in progress is also BIO320. Are you taking it through NAU?

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