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I didn't receive any feedback from the main forum, so I thought I'd check here. I just applied to NAU Accelerated BSN program. I have a 3.9 GPA, but scored a 79 on the Kaplan. The testing center told me that was the typical... Read More

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    I don't have an advisor, but I hand delivered my application. When I went in I talked to a nursing advisor named Gregg. He is the one who told me about the scoring and how they choose applicants.

    I am taking my pre-reqs through Phoenix College and Rio Salado. I have to say that teaching myself Statistics is what KILLED me(I ended with a B+ which consequently tanked my 4.0), so I am looking forward to classroom lectures. I am currently doing the Rio Salado route for Pathophysiology and it is tons of information and memorization.

    Apparently they score it by ranking students. He said that my GPA would be a 5, so obviously so would yours. My Kaplan is average and would probably be a 3. The last category is the healthcare/volunteer experience and letters of recommendation. I am not sure how you rank that, seems pretty subjective to me. As far as an IP, he said that the majority of students who apply have a class "In Progress". I am not too concerned about the healthcare/volunteer experience, I know that I am pretty solid in that area. The Kaplan is what is killing me.

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    Thanks, that's some good information. If you get any news post it and ill do the same. Good luck I hope to see you on campus is may.
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    Hi! adbnau I also have a 4.0 on prereqs and got a 91 on Kaplan with one class in progress - pathophysiology online at Rio Salado. I'm also in AZ and am currently in 2nd semester of an ADN program at a community college. I love my program so far, but I realized that doing the accelerated BSN would allow me to graduate at the same time but with a BSN, which it seems like will be a huge advantage in getting that first job.

    As far as the references and volunteer/healthcare experience, Gregg told me that those really don't factor in much. Everyone's references say amazing things about them so as long as you have them that's all they really look at. He also said the committee doesn't really have time to read through and check on everyone's volunteer experience so I think it just comes down to the quantifiable GPA and Kaplan.

    Good luck!
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    I agree with you about the ADN. My wife went that way and had no problem finding work but if she wants to move up she needs to get a BSN first. We also looked into moving out of state and some areas seem very focused on what degree you hold. My plan B is a ADN program that I wouldn't need to move for but I this program is such a great opportunity I will be disappointed if I don't get in.

    It sounds like you have a strong application. I'm sure having two semesters of nursing school already is going to be a great advantage. Thanks for posting and good luck!
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    Schershmelchnac, how is Pathophysiology through RIO?
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    I'm going to start at the end of feb. I'm hoping there will be a lot of overlap with the pathology in my nursing 2 class now because I'm already feeling pretty swamped!
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    schermelchnac, you are insane! I can't believe you are doing all this, while going to nursing school. I am very impressed! I start next week, so I will let you know how it goes. If you are accepted to NAU(which I'm sure you will be), will you drop immediately? Seems like that would be the easiest course of action and then Pathophysiology will be a cakewalk.
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    I've been debating whether or not to drop. I think i want to stick it out if possible. At lest I'm not working much at all right now and I don't have kids so that makes it easier. I have an OR and an ICU rotation late in the semester that I want to be able to do. I have financial aid so if i drop before a certain date, i think march 26 I have to pay some back. I guess I'll see how it's going when/if I get in. I'm kinda worried about pathophys... Let me know when you start
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    Hi adbnau those are awesome scores what did you use to study for the kaplan?
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    what did you guys use to study for the Kaplan?

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