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I just got placed this Tuesday :yeah: and I'm sure there are a lot of us out there who are anxious and a little afraid of whats to come. I wanted to see if there was anyone out there who is already... Read More

  1. by   juliusmyn
    Quote from checker1981
    You don't have to buy any books now, just wait until you start, the first day you will buy about 17 books for $1400 with the memberships etc. they come in a package and you can't buy any of the evolves unless packaged.

    I think the only book you might want to invest in is Kozier and Erb because that is not part of the package, you can buy that and start the reading. Depending on what teacher you get I can send you a copy of the syllabus from block 1.

    As far as school work goes just wait til you start, you might be able to start getting all of your paper work together for the medical form you will need to submit.

    CPR card
    Hepatitis B
    Chicken pox
    2 step TB test
    I appreciate your time.
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    What program? There are lots in Az. Sorry if I'm missing something.