who does the lab and x-rays in your office? - page 2

I may be starting an office job soon...my duties will include doing lab and x-ray. Other than accu-checks, I have never done these as I have worked in a hospital 25yrs. Does anyone out there do these in an office? Is it... Read More

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    Laura thanks..I added you to buddy list..not sure if I know how to use it though ha ha not very computer literate. Just got home from work..was a long 12 hr nightshift. Hope they call this morning but I am not going to hold my breath.Let me know how to use this buddy thing please! Canna

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    Laura just wanted to say I start my office job Nov 12th. I turned in my 2 weeks notice Friday. Have done the drug screen and signed the tax papers already. Looking forward to first week even though I will probably be all thumbs!! Lots to learn but I am excited about that part. Have done 25yrs of hospital...time for something new. Have worked nightshift for those yrs so I also have to get use to day hours..whew...lots of adjusting but worth it. Thanks canna42
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    OMG Canna, that's the same day I start MY job! LOL Congratulations, I am VERY happy for you!!! Good job!
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    Hey Laura and Canna

    Congrads to both of you!!!

    Can't wait to hear.... "tales from the clinic"

    I am excited for you!!

    Good luck and keep in touch!!

    Joy and Smiles *DARLA**

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