what is a reasonable salary to ask for nurse manager in primary care center

  1. hello all, I am up for an interview with a great company for a nurse manager position in a primary care center that provides care across all ages. I currently work in an academic setting and have experience with the tasks required (no title). I am 1 year away from my MSN with a focus in nursing administration and financial leadership. I am not unhappy where I am currently, however I am looking for growth and this seems to be a great opportunity. I did work for this organization as staff relief and enjoyed the philosophy and mission and vision. i am compensated very well where I am at now with great benefits. this organization also has some great benefits however they are known to not be the best in terms of salary, my question is what is a realistic offer to accept it is located in Hollywood, fl. and is part of seven hospital in addition to 4 other PCC's. any thoughts are appreciated and valued, that you all for your time and input. I look forward to hearing your feed back
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  3. by   Amanda.RN
    I'm not familiar with the pay scale in FL (I'm from WI), but as a clinic manager I think you could request at least $63,000-68,000. I'm sure it will be somewhat dependent on the number of staff you have and the institution they're affiliated with. You could contact the HR department for more information. I hope this helps.
  4. by   Tabbycoley
    Contacting HR is a great idea. Thanks 