1. 0 Good news form TN

    In my office we are in the process of adding space.

    I have been asked to design my workspace.....let the doctor know what I need and what would help me.

    Currently I work from a countertop as I do not like to sit.
    He built this counter high enough that I can stand and work comfortably I am on the move constantly.

    I have a computer since we are "hooked up." I store much data on the computer.. to include address books (no rolodex for me) referrals, fax templates, coumadin logs etc etc so the computer will figure into my space.

    I have a filing cabinet, med fridg etc

    Tonight I am looking for tips from all of you..

    Tell me what you like about your workspace and why you like it?

    Tell me what you would do if given this opportunity.

    Thanks so much!!!!!

    Looking forward to hearing from you!!
    Joy and Smiles *DARLA**
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