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I am a relatively new nurse about 1 1/2 years so far. I worked at a hospital for the first year out of school and HATED it so about 6 months ago I took a job at an outpatient surgery clinic. At first it wasnt bad but now I HATE... Read More

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    I know thats alot of pt's for one person and I do the 20 or so required drops per pt plus all the IV's by myself, so at least I have become super quick and effeciant at starting IV's LOL! I really hope I like infusion services, I need a decent job. You are so right GIRN that management makes all the difference, if I was treated like a person and not a machine I would probably have stayed at my job. The Dr's are even worse than the management they could care less as long as we get the pt's in and out like sheep. Like I said it's all about the $$. I could not believe that even for Christmas we got NOTHING not one thing from our surgery center or from any of the Dr's. We busted our butts at the end of the year doing approx. 100 surgeries per week!! Loricatus I hope you find a new job soon too, we all DESERVE better than that. Can you believe my DON said to me on Friday that we shouldn't be upset about how we are treated, but that we should just be grateful to have jobs. @@
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    Quote from tx2007
    Can you believe my DON said to me on Friday that we shouldn't be upset about how we are treated, but that we should just be grateful to have jobs. @@
    OMG, we must be working at the same place :chuckle My NM said the same thing last week, along with some other things I cannot repeat on the board.

    Glad you found a new job.

    Was thinking about applying for a case manager hospice position; but, I never did anything like that before. There are 30 surgeries scheduled for a day later this week and we were warned to be prepared for at least a 16 hour day (with a slim possibility of a meal break). You know, I wonder if I pass out if they will consider it unapproved break time?
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    LMAO loricatus I can picture it now, falling over from exhastion and someone yelling "quick go clock her out until she wakes up!" We have a joke at work that you MUST remember to fall backwards if you pass out from exhastion or holding your pee so long you might die, that way you wont 1) fall on a pt and 2) if your in the OR at least you wont ruin the case by falling on the sterile field. I am taking cheese crackers and fruit juice as my grab and go "lunch" so at least I wont pass out. We have 25 surgeries on Tuesday and 27 on Wednesday this week. Monday we have 5 retina cases so that will be about a 10 hour day as well....UGH just thinking about it makes me tired! I hope you have a good week and thanks for the laugh!
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