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  1. Aug '08 second degree grad (previous work/degree in research), been working in the ICU since Sept '08. Not happy where I am and ideally would like to pursue a career in clinical research. However, no jobs are currently available in my area. I sent out some office RN applications and by some miracle I have an interview with an Oncology Clinic (from what I read online specializes in radiation oncology) tomorrow afternoon! No guarantees by any means, but I happy that they've even asked for an interview considering my "newbie" status.

    Does anybody have an tips or advice, questions specific to an office RN/oncology/radiation oncology interview?

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   3boysmom3
    Congratulations and good luck in your interview! You might want to just look online tonight for any articles on radiation oncology; just to give you enough insight to be able to ask good questions during your interview. The more interested you appear in the field, the better your chances. If they can sense that you did a little research, it will give you a leg up because that will tell them that you want to learn. Sometimes people apply at physician offices just because the hours are usually pretty desirable, so to separate yourself from those people, I think that if they can see you are genuinely interested in the type of work that they specialize in it will go a long way. Sell your strengths- Good communication skills? Organized? (that's a big one) Good critical thinking skills? Able to multi-task? Good in a crisis? Excited about learning a new specialty? I'm a nurse manager in a large clinic, and when hiring a new nurse those are the kinds of things that I look for. I can't speak directly to that particular specialty, these are just general thoughts that may be useful. Good luck!!!