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I am an RN working for a family practicioner. I would like to know how my hourly rate compares with other nurses doing similar work. What are the typical hourly rates that other nurses are making... Read More

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    I too left the hospital in search of the Monday thru Friday, 8:00 to 5:00 job that would let me spend more time with my child. It's been 3 months since I started at a small family practice medical center and I must say that I made the right decision. I have learned so many new things that I never did in the hospital. I am about to take my Basic Xray Exam, I draw labs, I assist during procedures, do alot of teaching and actually get to know my patients. Yes, I too had to take a major pay cut, but I no longer have to drive for an hour to get to work, I always have a parking place, no more bedpans, weekends, holidays or mandatory overtime! I love and I'm glad that I did it.

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    Hi JenniferRn..where did you take instruction for basic x-ray? I will at times have to do occ one at my new job in office...have no idea of how. Any tips you can give on office work appreciated. What was suppose to be 8-5 job is really 8-7:30 or later. Office manager just hired more secretarial staff. The nurses have been bogged down with secretarial duties (filing...getting charts..etc)..hopefully will get better with more organization. I have only been in an office a week. Have worked 25yrs in hospital. Glad I had a good bit of emergency room experience cause it is very similar. The referrals..fax machine...tons of phone numbers i am always on search for is mind boggling so far ha ha ha..everyone says will get better once i have them memorized. I was not able to get "orientation" since they waited to hire me after the other nurses 2 wks notice was over. Have been kind of thrown into all of it so paperwork got a little overwelming at first and still it on a lot of it. Luckily doc I work for has patience of a saint. He is very laid back and loves to teach thank God!
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    Hello cann42! Thanks for the reply. You can contact The American Registry Of Radiologic Technologists at 1255 Northland Drive, St. Paul, MN 55120-1155. Sorry I don't have a phone number. They will send you the Limited Scope of Practice in Radiography Handbook and get you in touch with your State Department of Health. All you have to do is pass the exam and your licensed. I'm not sure of the cost (employer paid).
    I know what you mean about the hours, but fortunately, the nurses stand in for each other thru out the day, so we can the phone calls, refills and labs off our desks. We also each have one late day a week. The don't like overtime so we try our best to get it done during the day.
    I can't believe that it's been 3 months! I don't feel like the "new girl" anymore and my evaluation was great. Best decision I ever made.
    Hang in there, it'll come together.
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    JenniferRN Many thanks for the information. I will sure write them this week. Thanks again...Canna

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