Considering Office Manager/RN position in After-Hours Family Care Clinic

  1. Hi Everyone!
    I am just looking for advice from nurses who hold a similar position as the job I am interviewing for. I have an interview in a few days for Office Manager/RN of a busy After Hours Family Care Clinic that is part of a large hospital network (3 hospitals-1 is major in the state, a physicians corp., and several outpatient and satelite facilities) I have 2.5 years of Med/Surg/Tele experience (I have been a nurse for 2.5 years and went to nursing school right out of high school so I am young) and would love the opportunity to get into management and off of the floor. This job from what I have been told so far would involve doing management tasks and serving as a clinical RN. The clinic is open M-F from 5-9p and 10a-6p on the weekends. When the clinic is open I would be expected to serve as an RN and help with patient visits. I would work more like 3p-11p during the week and use the hours the clinic is closed to do management tasks. I would work every other weekend (when I work the weekend I would get 2 days off during the week) I have also been told that the clinic is extremely busy and that the administration is currently in the process of trying to justify more staff. (I have been told I will rarely if ever get out on time-sometimes as late as 10p on Saturdays).
    My question is
    A) Does anyone have a job like this and do you enjoy it?
    B) Does anyone work in an after-hours clinic setting? What is it like? Pros and cons?
    C) Do you think my age (I am 23) would help or hurt (or have no effect on) my chances of landing this job?
    D) Where should I begin my pay negotiation? Obviously with the management aspect of the job I would expect more than what I have been making on the floor-but how much more? (I hope to be paid hourly not salary as I expect to be required to stay late almost every night)
    E) Any advice on questions to ask during the interview??
    Thanks for reading!
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  3. by   Junie June
    I have been an office manager for 20 years and grandated nursing school and started nursing 2 years ago - I have looked for a position such as you describe and found one interview in the tri-state NYC area that offered approximately $25 an hour, graduate nurses in NYC get at least $33/ hour on the units in the hospital setting. Office Manager however would probably start with $25/ hour with a BA degree. I don't know if this helps but I am very curious - how did you find the position? What key words did you use to search?
  4. by   OwensMomRN
    Thanks, Junie June. Your response did help. I interviewed last Monday and haven't heard anything back yet. However, I was basically told in the interview that I will probably not get the job . They have another candidate with more experience than I have so it was just a matter of checking that person's references. If her references are good she will be offered the job instead of me. I still have a small glimmer of hope because I am an internal candidate so they have to notify me either way and it seems like almost 2 weeks is a long time to check a few references! (Maybe they are having a tough time deciding between me and the other candidate?)

    I found the job on the hospital's website. My local hospital is partnered with a large physician's corp. so they post all job openings (hospital and Dr. offices) on the website. Sorry I cannot offer more help with your search!

  5. by   OcRNbear
    Hi I have a question I have interviewed so a similar job to the previous post however I am a New Grad. The Clinic is a free Clinic that helps the homeless and low income families. The RN supervisors Medical asstiances, Q. and A as well as some case management oh and of course if its short staffed assist with patient care. Would this be a high risk job for a new grad? the Orangization is non profit and had to create the R.N. position because they are expanding the clinic is ran by one M.D. and 5 medical assitants. Thanks for the help

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