Clinic Nurse job - lot of managing?

  1. Hi,
    I am undecided about taking a clinic nurse position and hoping you guys could help me! The job is in a county internal medicine clinic. There are I think 4-6 physicians and 4 MAs currently and this is the first time they are hiring an RN for the clinic. From the questions in the interview, it seemed like a lot of managing the flow of the clinic and managing the Medical Assistants versus actually doing hands-on tasks like VS, EKGs, etc. (because obviously the MA's can do that easily). Some of the questions I remember them asking me were "How would you feel disciplining an MA," "would you feel comfortable firing someone," etc.

    I am just wondering if anyone here has a clinic nurse job like the one in this clinic. And if so, what exactly do you do all day? I'm sure the RN is also responsible for sharing the workload of the MA's such as triage, managing labs, calling insurances, etc. but how much of your time is spent doing managing and how much is spent doing other tasks and specifically what tasks do you do?

    It doesn't sound like the clinic has nurse visits either. Also how much autonomy do you then have? I want a job where I know what I am doing without taking too many orders from physicians. If so, should I not take a clinic nurse job?
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  3. by   Nurserton
    Where are all the clinic nurses??? Can you guys pleeease answer some of these posts as I am a new nurse who just accepted a clinic job and would LOVE to hear you seasoned RN's inputs!! Lol...
  4. by   Pester1
    I work in a neurology dept. Although I do get to do IVs occasionally, thats the only "hands on" nursing that I really do. At my clinic it is alot of phone work, refills, insurance companies, patient questions, etc. Some days I just cant take the sound of another phone ringing. But I work for the busiest provider in our group. I love the people I work with and most of the patients. I rotate charge duties with 2 other nurses. Most of what I do can be done by the MA. I am having a hard time right now deciding if I want to stay or try for a hospital job. I know I would learn so much by working in a hosp/LTC again, but I am pretty comfy where I am and if you want/need a day off it is pretty easy to get. So I am torn.
  5. by   imconfused
    i am a fresh RN ith no experiences whatsoever. and the clinic hired me and its their first time having an RN in thr clinic. i dont know what to do now... im scared. they said that i can do it, but it sounds like its more of managerial kind of stuff and how come they hired me.. i dont have any skills at all as well as experience. and how much do they usually pay us?

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