Ambulatory Care Nursing certification

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    Has anyone taken the ANCC credentialing test to be certified? If so, I'm trying to narrow the resources provided by the sight down to the best study guide with information needed to know for the test. Thanks.

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    I see that your post was over 1 month ago. How did you make out with your research?
    I'm looking into taking the ANCC credentialling as well.
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    Other than the AAACN resources no such luck. So I bought the conference and test review on CD rom and hope that is enough to pass.
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    I'm thinking of taking it too. How did it go?
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    I took the ambulatory certification test in August and passed! I bought the core curriculum of ambulatory care nursing and the practice test book from aaacn. I read that book front to back and I did CEU's on various topics. Most of the questions were telehealth focused, which is covered in the core curriculum...but without that book I probably wouldn't have passed the first time around. I also bought the cd test review from the last conference, but it was 170$ and not worth the price but I listed to 100 plus times just to get my money's worth.
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    Thanks! My main motivation for taking the test was to get a big bonus, but I did learn a thing or two about ambulatory nursing!
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    Hi! I am planning to take the acn certification review. Thank you so much for your post. Also, I am very much interested with the review materials.
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    Hello, I am scheduled to take the ambulatory certification exam in January. I am studying from my public health book, onlinematerials and the ambulatory nursing exam success book. Any pointers or advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    @Gurafuna30 sorry for late response..but I hope the test went well if you already took it. Otherwise, my advise is take your time. Unlike the NCLEX you can revisit the test questions. So I went through the test answering all the ones I knew for sure and leaving the rest blank. Then I went back again answering the questions I left blanked and marked the questions I still wasn't sure of, and went back through one more time to sit and think about the questions. Otherwise tips for all read the AAACN book on core curriculm for ambulatory care and brush up on telephone triage.

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