Win CASH! 11th Nursing Caption Contest - $100 - page 16

Participate in our 11th Caption Contest! Winner gets $100! Good afternoon nurses. Your mission is to provide a caption to the cartoon below. You may submit as many captions as you wish. You... Read More

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    That's the nurse who was the whistle blower at the NECC. She is good at finding contaminants.

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    HMMM. MRSA or C-DIFF??
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    I think psych just keeps letting him leave- its so bad on that floor their looking for every opportunity they get to leave!
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    I told you that Old Goat in 208 would eat anything!
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    Umm...I had no clue that patient was on isolation!
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    "Sheesh. It's just MRSA to the nares".
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    I think Becky is taking her new job as Infection Control department manager a bit too seriously.
  8. 0
    "I thought exposing it to different pathogens would make it immune"
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    I WARNED dr Smith what that patient said he was gonna do to him if he attempted another rectal exam! I'm just glad I wasnt the one who had to extract that stethoscope!!!
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    So that's why JCAHO requires us to put biohazard signs.

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