5th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100 - page 9

This one will be a hard one. Let's see what you can come up with... Write the winning caption to this cartoon and win $100. Caption Contest Rules To qualify for the prize money and fame, your caption must be posted... Read More

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    "Nursing: If others knew what we did, they'd see us differently..."
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    So those are the nursing instructors we have been hearing about....
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    Wow, they will let just about anybody into the nursing field these days!
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    I didnt know that planet Nimron was a compact planet?!
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    They used to say nurses were angels. Now that we can see they are not from this world, one question: Is this what an angel really looks like?
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    "There go my specialists."
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    "It's not often the nurses get to go 'out' for lunch."
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    "I can't tell them apart since the women stopped wearing nurse's hats!"
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    Is this part of that new universal healthcare plan?
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    The nurses were right Fred, look what going without sleep, coffee and bathroom breaks has done to them. maybe you should have left your call light off more often.
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