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5th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100 - page 9

This one will be a hard one. Let's see what you can come up with... Write the winning caption to this cartoon and win $100. Caption Contest Rules To qualify for the prize money and fame,... Read More

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    I heard that Psych Nurses were a different breed......... but this is crazy!
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    Since nurses don't wear white anymore I can't tell them from the doctors, dietary or janitoral staff.
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    I heard they really screened "travel nurses" to find the best of them... But I didn't know they actually searched the galaxy for the best of the best of them!!
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    Bill was becomming quite paranoid about having his first endoscopy !
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    New breed of nurses for our new medical center.
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    Oh, remember the days of tricking medical students into doing all the rectal exams! With that digital configuration, I wonder how they'll manage?
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    Geez... Haven't these locals ever seen out of town travel nurses before?! I get so sick of locals staring at us Molly!
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    "Rufus said they took him into a small room with a bright light and probed him..."
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    The one on the right kept an eye on me after my surgery.
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    "Oh yeah! The convention is here in Tampa this year."
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    Must be another nurses convention in town!
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    Wow! all we said was give us a break.Talk about dispensible.
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    Wow, what kind of drugs did they give me for my out-patient surgery Marj?????
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