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Hi all! I am currently in nursing school looking to move to Anchorage after I graduate. I was wondering if anyone knew of job availability, and how easy it would be to get a job. I would like to end... Read More

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    I have found 2 agencies that hire Rns with one -2 years exp in ICU setting, and hire for Alaska. They pay in the 6 digit figure. My buddy was a graduate a few years ago and landed a jobthrough a paticular agency, and is working in Alaska for huge amounts of money. He said he can get me on when i graduate and get a yr exp in icu, which i can have since i have People lol in certain places. Anyway good luck to all.

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    i live in fairbanks and agree with the previous posting regarding ICU or NICU jobs, they r not available, with the economy as poor as it is many people r turning their eyes northward believing there is easy money to be had. my hubby and i have lived here for 5 years now, it costs at least 3X as much to live here than it costs to live in the lower 48. fuel costs are high, food..$3.00 for a red bell pepper, .79-1.49 for a single ear of corn, and u must plug ur car in every night for months. if u have more than 1 cAR... gas is over 3 dollars a gallon still, it adds up quickly, so in addition to heating, usually with oil, (power costs which r tied into the price of oil as well,) my point ..research it well, come here in jan or feb 4 vacation. if there were huge amounts of money to be made here would not everyone be clamoring to move here?
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    The job market for new grads isn't fantastic, but it isn't horrible either. Providence has some great "intern" positions offered a few times a year. They give specific training to nurses with less then a year training. I think most of the units have started using intern positions to train new grads. The amount of openings they have varies and you have already missed the window for this round. But sometimes some show up around Nov/Dec time frame (goes along with graduation times). Keep checking their website and do a search for nurse intern. When I graduated three years ago I was offered internships in LD, Ped's, and NICU. And, actually, NICU tends to do the most hiring of interns that I have seen (the year I applied Ped's had 4, LD had 2, and NICU had 6 and I am constantly seeing a flow of new interns in NICU). Granted, there are usually 40-60 applicants for those positions so you have some competition but it is worth a try!
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    Hi meg816,

    I realize this is an older post, but thought you might have some info. I'm wondering what the current job situation for new grads is like these days in Fairbanks or anywhere in AK for that matter. I moved from Fairbanks to enroll in an accelerated BSN program and will graduate this December. I am hoping to move back to AK but hear mixed reports on job availability for new grads. Since I am interested in rural health, I would like to work in a remote location. Just not sure I have the experience being a new grad. Would appreciate any advice!
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    a nurse can make six figures?
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    I am currently working as an RN in Anchorage in PICU and float to NICU. I did have experience when I came here but I know there were quite a few new grads who were hired recently. There is going to be a huge expansion happening in the NICU also.

    I would submit your application anyway you never know what can happen. Nothing ventured nothing gained as the old saying goes. There is a gloabal nursing shortage and while hospitals would love to have experienced nurses the simple fact remains that the only way for nurses to gain expericence is to be employed. Most places realize this fact and as a result have programs in place to hire new grads and orient them. After all there used to be a time when a new nurse couldn't even think of getting into critical care without 2 years experience now they are hired directly into the units and trained accordingly.

    Good luck and don't get yourself down..apply everywhere you think you might want to go and then choose from the offers you do recieve. Alaska RN license has a very short turn around if you apply through endoresement. Mine took like 3 weeks.
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    Thanks for your response and words of encouragement! I applied for a few jobs in Kodiak and have been in touch with the recruiter for ANTHC. Some places have told me not to even apply until I have a license, which I won't have until late January after I take the NCLEX. I've also heard from a recruiter that it's pretty competitive in Fairbanks, and tough for new grads to find work. So it sounds like there are positions available in Anchorage?

    I'm curious, guessing from handle, you are from Canada? Is it difficult for U.S. RNs to obtain a license in Canada? I would love to someday work in Nunavut.
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