Wallace or Jeff State????

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    which is the better choice?? I live really close to jeff state but ive heard great things about Wallace and some not so great things about jeff state. Any opinions?
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    Well I went to Wallace for my pre-reqs this spring but I start Jeff State's nursing program on Monday. I chose Jeff State over Wallace due to the smaller class size and the reputation of the program. My aunt went to Wallace and absolutely loved it and I have never heard a negative thing about it. I live in Vestavia so the commute was a huge factor. Personally, I wasn't sure if I had enough points to get into Jeff State and Wallace is a lot easier to get into. At Wallace the cut off is around 160 and at Jeff State like 186-7. Wallace also accepts around 200 whereas Jeff State only takes like 50. So for me, I wanted a smaller class size and I was tickled to get into both programs and have the opportunity to choose! Good luck with the application process!! I'm sure you'll be very happy at either school!
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    well I have 187 points so I feel pretty good about getting into both. I live in Chelsea, not sure if youre familiar with the area. I probably will choose jeff state; I'm just scared of how hard its going to be LOL... Thanks though!
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    BTW... The application. Process has been a pain! Seemed nearly impossible to get all my transcripts!!! Couldnt get anybody to do their jobs ha! I had to requests transcripts from different school like 3 and 4 times and call every day for almost 2 weeks... Actually had to go to my high school and pick them up because they kept telling me they were mailed and I would never receive them! Ya.... Pain! But it will all be worth it if I get in!!!

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