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Just wondering if there are any other Wallace Community College(Alabama) Students here!!I am finishing up my pre reqs at this location and just looking for any additional tips!!!... Read More

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    So far,I am feeling OVERWHELMED!!!But....I'm just gonna try and take it one day at a time!!!We have already formed a small study group,so four of us met at my house on Thursday....it helped A LOT!!!There were things that I forgot about that someone from the group reminded me of and things that they may have forgotten about that I reminded them of...so I can see why they tell us to definitely get to know the people in your classes!!
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    Yes I agree it's alot of material to learn and memorize... I just hope i'm able to grasp everything and apply it to nursing...all Pn students will be together next semester we decided we will carpool.
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    How's everyone doing, so far???
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    Its coming along pretty good. 2 tests so far. Scored high on Fundamentals. Awaiting Pharm test score. Still just trying to keep everything straight. How bout for you?
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    How are classes coming along for everyone? Im taking it one day & one week at a time. Weve had 4 tests in Fundamentals. Ive made A's on all but ond. Scored a B on the other. B's in Pharm & Health Assessment. I am, however, thinking ahead to the Drug Comp test we are taking in March that we have to score 90% or higher on. Hope all is well w everyone
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    So far so good!!I did have one test in Pharm that I could've done better on.....but overall, I'm doing well....passed 3 check offs, so far!!!This has been a VERY busy week!!!We will start clinicals next Friday...so I am REALLY nervous...LOL!!
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    so how are you liking the lpn program so far?
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    reconmom00 are you in the lpn or rn program at Wallace?
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    I'm currently in the Rn program.... how are things going for you?
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    reconnmom! hey there! hey can you email me at ashleighmccullough@hotmail.com that way we talk private! glad to hear that you are doing good!!!!!! just wanted to ask you some questions!!!
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    I just took the TEAS V today and was wondering what a good score was for this school. I am applying for the ADN program in the fall. Just wondering if I need to take the test again.

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    hey there. hows is school going for you?

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