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Just wondering if there are any other Wallace Community College(Alabama) Students here!!I am finishing up my pre reqs at this location and just looking for any additional tips!!!... Read More

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    can you email me at ashleighmccullough@hotmail.com. wanted to talk to you about the program at wallace if you do not mind! thanks so much!

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    I ordered most of my books from Amazon,also, with the exception of a couple that I ordered from Ebay.....saved about $400 on my books!
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    congrats on you getting in! can you email me at ashleighmccullough@hotmail.com so i can ask you some questions? thanks!

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    Ashleigh...I am just getting this message, so I will email you tomorrow!!! Gonna get in bed early tonight.... LONG day tomorrow... lol....please remind me again tomorrow!!
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    okay! sounds great! i am wishing you the best of luck on your first day of school and i will be praying for you! Look forward to hearing from you.

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    Emailed you Ashleigh!!
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    hey reminding you to email me!

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    How was everyones first week of classes? First couple of days, i was thinking, "i can do this". Day 3, i started to feel nervous. I know its doable...just nervous cause i want to make it thru
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    So far,I am feeling OVERWHELMED!!!But....I'm just gonna try and take it one day at a time!!!We have already formed a small study group,so four of us met at my house on Thursday....it helped A LOT!!!There were things that I forgot about that someone from the group reminded me of and things that they may have forgotten about that I reminded them of...so I can see why they tell us to definitely get to know the people in your classes!!
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    Yes I agree it's alot of material to learn and memorize... I just hope i'm able to grasp everything and apply it to nursing...all Pn students will be together next semester we decided we will carpool.

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