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Just wondering if there are any other Wallace Community College(Alabama) Students here!!I am finishing up my pre reqs at this location and just looking for any additional tips!!!... Read More

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    Hi guys....I was accepted into both the Rn and lpn program, and after 2 weeks decided to go the Rn route....so excited and NERVOUS to start in January....I am almost 40 with 2 kids and a husband at home....so this will definitely be challenging for me..but I want this so badly!Hopefully we all go through the programs without any major problems...Good Luck guys!!...ps...I am recon1998 on here as well...lol....forgot my login info and had to create a new account....lol!!

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    congrates Reconn for being accepted into both. i know you will do well.
    lets all get ready!!!
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    Congrats on getting accepted. I am excited and nervous too. good luck to you too
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    I know we have a few weeks before classes begin. Is everyone ready? Has anyone gotten any helpful tips on how to prepare,study,stay motivated,etc? Of course,Ive heard organization & time management is key. I thought about reading ahead,going over some pharmacology tutorials. But was advised to enjoy this break & relax bc once classes begin, it will be nonstop! So im chillaxin...
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    Hello ladies!! I too had forgot my log in info lol (teelpnwannbe)I kept trying to reset my password but never could..anyway Congrats showgirl and recon and armystudent I don't take CPR until next semester..that's when mines expire. Im sooo excited and nervous!! Shigirl I can relate I too will be leaving my job to go fulltime Im just praying and hoping it won't be too much with two kids my fiancÚ works at night but he'll help with the kids much as he can.. Congrats again to us all and best of luck...
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    I meant shigirl..dang spellcheck!
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    Hey guys...I have asked EVERYONE (literally) that I know that has been through the program, about tips before starting the program.... they ALL say "just enjoy this time with your family "!!!!So I have decided to do just that...lol...I have ordered (and received) all of my books and my stethoscope from Amazon, bought my lab coat,scrubs and shoes from Ebay,and now just nervously waiting...lol!!!
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    what kind of stethoscope did you get?
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    was wondering what happened to you. My CPR expired a year ago. I was surprised that the CPR class is like 6 hours long on two separate days. The last two times I took a CPR class, it was rushed, overcrowded, and compacted into less than half that amount of time.
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    Thanks for the advice...that's what Im trying to do I see you are well prepared..Wow! 6 hours that's gone be a mess...I may try and take mines somewhere else!!

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