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Just wondering if there are any other Wallace Community College(Alabama) Students here!!I am finishing up my pre reqs at this location and just looking for any additional tips!!!... Read More

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    I'm sorry to hear that and once you do lpn you can always bridge over that's what I might do but its just so hard to get into any rn program. I guess ill be seeing u at orientation on the 15th :-)

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    Have you completed your background report yet?
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    No not yet imma do it next week..do you work anywhere in the medical field now? I'm a phlebotomist been doing it for a lil over 3yrs now
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    I used to work as a CNA (nurse tech) at the Columbus Regional hospital in Columbus, but I have not worked in 2 years. I did my background report yesterday...I didn't really want to pay the $45, but I went ahead and did it, lol.
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    Lol I don't want to pay either.. but I worked in columbus for 3 yrs I just started working a parttime job this past Monday. And I live in Georgetown,only be there for a little over a year so I'm only about 15 min from wallace in Eufaula ...how far are u from the school?
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    i'm in abbeville...so it is like a 30-40 minute drive to wallace
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    Oh ok that's not to bad
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    I guess there's about 15 of us at the eufaula campus...can't wait to start
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    How was the orientation? I was not able to go, so I had to make arrangements to go to the makeup session on november 26th. Did you get your schedule? If so, what classes are you taking?
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    Orientation went good and long lol well I guess I can say that since I was a lil late getting there. Everyone that was there was given a number ( I was 70) and we went thru the nursing policy book. After that we were called to the back by three's to complete registration I have a full schedule: Monday I have heath assesment and body structure ...from 9:25 to 12:45 health assesment with a 50 min break and body structure from 1:00 to 3:50...on Tuesday and 8:00 Wednesday I have Intro.Pharm from 9:25 to 12:45 and 1:00 to 3:50...we start clinicals on Feb.28. Hope u understand...........oh I hope I can take the Acs test so I can take Bio 202.
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