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has anyone recieved their acceptance letter? I have called and they told me the middle of July which makes no sense because classes start Aug 15! Why does it take so long? I am nervous and anxious!... Read More

  1. by   4TheTide
    I have you at 159, 30 for math, 30 for English, 94 for compass, and 5 points for your gpa. Did you apply to the LPN program? Was that this time that you didn't get considered for the mix-up with your transcript or last fall?
  2. by   Cadnac22
    Last fall was mix up.. I have never applied to LPN.. Just Rn.. I've never considered doing lpn..
  3. by   4TheTide
    Well, because I didn't have all of my sciences out of the way, I wanted to go ahead and get started, so I applied for LPN with the intention of coming right back for my RN. I will apply for the RN next fall. I just wish they would admit more than once a year. If they really have all the applicants I hear they do, you would think they would admit two times a year for the RN program.
  4. by   Cadnac22
    I know ! I did find out though that Alexander city has spring program.., so I am applying then for lpn and rn... If I get accepted into LPn in spring, can I transfer into rn in fall if I am accepted?? Does it hurt or enhance my chances? Do you think I have a good shot a lpn with 159? And I'm gonna retake compass to hopefully raise that score to atleast 96... I've got so much running through my head.
  5. by   4TheTide
    You sound like me Everything is running through my mind too. I think Alex City is only the LPN program, but maybe I'm wrong. Yes, I think you have an excellent shot at getting in with a 159, but you can always raise your GPA and Compass by then for more points. I'm pretty sure with the LPN program, you get out after three semesters and have to be licensed and work as an LPN for some short period of time, less than six months, and then go right back to the RN program. It's the LPN Mobility program. Where do you live? We may could ride together to Alex City. I'm thinking of reapplying myself for the spring, but I may wait for the RN program at C'burg. I haven't don't know much about the Alex City campus as far as the nursing instructors. I have a lot of friends are either at c'burg or have graduated from their nursing program, so I feel like I 'know' those instructors somewhat
  6. by   texabama
    Hi guys! I have been really busy with my kids this weekend and havent been on the computer at all. Tide I am praying today is your day! Let me know. I am still shocked that I got in . I am getting ready to start on the packet of stuff we have to complete before orientation. I feel I have so much to learn. For the past year I have been working on retaking my sciences. I have a BS, but barely made B's then. To say the least I was not a dedicated student(there were to many other fun things to do). I made sure I made A's this time around. I took AP 1 in the fall, and took AP2 and Micro in the spring. That was a challenge to take both of those together. It was do able , but a challenge. I heard that you have to have a's to get into RN , but after reading some posts on here, that may not be true. If any of you guys need anything , help with a class , how to study for a class, or anything just ask. I will be glad to share what worked for me. I am still trying to fiqure out the pm thing. I did get the pm from Mom but I am trying to fqure out how to send one. Mom I will be in touch! Let me know when yall want to meet.
  7. by   korena001
    I am taking my prerequisites this summer and have Mrs. Perkins for Bio 103 at CACC in Talladega. She is really hard! I have heard good things about Ms. Waites, but has anyone taken Mr. Young in Talladega. If so, how are his classes?
  8. by   texabama
    I dont know anything about her. I have had Ms Waites and Ms Woods and liked them both alot. I would recommend them , and it would be worth the drive to Childersburg.
  9. by   korena001
    Thanks for the information. I will definitely think about it. I like how Mrs. Perkins teaches, but her tests are like a foreign language. I heard Mr. Young even has open book testing. I am not sure about this as I really want to learn and not just get an A.
  10. by   texabama
    I havent heard anything about Mr Young and open book. I know the tests that Waites and Woods gave were hard and I studied alot. Does she give study guides? Do you do notecards? I did that and it really helped, there are also a couple of websites that are good.
  11. by   korena001
    I have done everything. Her tests are not what she lectures on and sometimes she will tell us that something will not be on the test and it is. Hard is okay, but impossible to know what will be on the test is a whole other thing. I always go in thinking I have studied all I can and I know the info, but leave feeling very discouraged. I only have an C in there now and I am an A student. I am older at 44, so very conscientous about studying and really hard on myself. I am going to talk with her about her expectations and hopefully I can take her A&P I class with confidence as it is better for me, as far as schedule and being closer to home. I live close to Pell City in Riverside.
  12. by   texabama
    I agree about talking to her to see what you could do. You sound like you are giving it your all as far as studying goes. What about people in your class , do you know any of them? Is anyone making an A? That is frustrating! I am your age, so I know how hard you are on yourself. I can say I never felt that way in Woods or Waites class.
  13. by   texabama
    Tide , did you hear anything?

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