waiting on a acceptance letter from cvcc in Phenix city AL

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    Is there anyone here waiting to receive:spin: a letter from cvcc nursing program?

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    A friend of mines applied and is still waiting to hear if she was accepted or not. She's getting a bit worried because that was the only school she applied to. I can't understand what is taking them so long to decide. I advised her to apply to the school I was accepted to (In NY) but she didn't want to relocate and now she regrets that she didn't. Now my school is on a waiting list. She said she would call me as soon as she hears from them. I will post update then. Good luck during your wait...I know it's nerve racking!
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    I GOT ACCEPTED I'm so excited! Good luck to ALL who are waiting on acceptance letters
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    CONGRATS!!!If you don't mind, can you tell me when you received your letter, my friend has been anxiously waiting and as of today, still has not heard anything.
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    :urgycld:I haven't got a letter yet they called me on the phone like 2 hours ago and informed that i was accepted and told me to come to orientation on monday if you have any other question feel free to ask me I know how the waiting is trust me
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    Thanks for the congrats and good luck to you and your friend
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    Thanks...I will call my friend tonight and let her know. She's freakin out because that's the only school she applied to and if she gets in, she has to find an apartment (relocating from GA).
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    HEY, Happiness have your friend heard anything yet?
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    I tried calling her yesterday and today-but she didn't answer. I guess if she heard something I would have gotten a call from her. It's crazy that they waited one month before school starts to offer acceptance. Did you apply to the LPN or RN program?
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    Quote from tasha24RN
    HEY, Happiness have your friend heard anything yet?

    She found out today that she did not get in.

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