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Virginia College RN program?

  1. 0 Has anyone heard of this program? Any info to give would be helpful
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    My sister talked with a recruiter today. She said that the recruiter said the program in roughly 27 MONTHS, and they do not allow any transfer credit from previous schools. The tution is $400 dollars a credit hour. I think that the program is very new to Mobile. I do not know about the GPA requirements. Hope this helps.:wink2:
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    The RN program in Birmingham is 7 semesters and is a bit over $5,000 per semester. They have yet to graduate a class, so are on "probation" until first graduating class takes the NCLEX exam. It is a night program though, with clinicals at night or weekends. You have to pass the TEAS test to get in.
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    I am currently speaking with an Admission Represenative from Virginia College as well. I agree with just about everything that you have said, except for the fact that they do accept outside credits. I took a lot of my prerequisites at Faulkner University in Birmingham and they accepted all of them at Virginia College. I hope that helps :-)
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    I talked to the people in Birmingham when I first got out of the military. Unless it has changed they require you to go through their LPN program first then go into their RN program. The cost was so high I quickly decided against them. It was going to cost more than going through Nursing School at UAB or Samford.

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