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I'm wondering if anyone has checked into the new RN program at Virginia College? Any information or opinions? Thanks!... Read More

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    Thanks PCLPN11 and also Congrats! WOW! 100% that’s really good. I've been hearing good and bad stuff about Virginia College here in Birmingham but I guess most schools are going have their share of bad and good days. Thanks and Congrats again!

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    FYI - Thank you all for your support.. Most of my class passed Florida's state LPN board (waiting on the last 2). Over all it up to you. I had a good time at Virgina College.
    All that hard work and sacrifice do paid off. Now it off to find a Job.
    Many blessings and God Bless - PCLPN11
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    The cost of the program at the Montgomery capmpus is actually 50,000. I'm not sure if this would be for there other locations, but I would think it would be the same.
  4. 0 pay $50k roughly for a degree in nursing which I assume is an ADN program, cannot transfer to other schools for a ADN to BSN fast track, much less a masters??? Sounds like at VC you are pretty much locked into their $50k piece of paper that will probably be obsolete within the next 5-10 years considering the trend that hospitals are starting to adopt where they are no longer hiring ADN RN's in certain departments.....sounds like a rip-off to me.

    Granted nursing programs are hard to get into, this is for a reason. Sidestepping and paying for the "easy" way out may not be the best option here, but if you got that kinda money to burn go for it. From the sound of it though, you will probably be paying more money down the road to repeat courses for another degree in nursing so that you can further your employment chances later in life.
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    An Update on my 2010 post...

    THANK GOODNESS I didn't listen to the posters HERE!

    Not trying to insult but I did do the VC college route because I needed a night/ weekend program that I could transition to a 4 year program and YES, you can do VC and still go to a online program anywhere BUT you MUST take your prereqs/ core classes at a community college. (more on that later).

    I did a head start avenue through VC. That is, I did ALL my core classes at Jefferson state so I could be SURE they transferred to the BA program I will attend later.
    I contacted the BA programs like University of South Alabama. Initially, they told me VC would not transfer but then I was told my Jeff state classes would and when I graduated and sat for my NCLEX, THAT licensure would be accepted. So you really have to ask the right questions. NO, you wont be able to transfer an english class you take at VC but YES you will be able to transfer the english class you took at a community college.

    Not to mention, taking my core classes at the community college cut 2 Q out of the tuition. Everyone said they don't redo the schedule but yes, the Bham location will if you have all your core classes but you won't find that out until you go to actually get your official schedule.

    The experience so far is that they have WAY more hands on clinical hours. You only have to compare the amount of Clinical hours to see that VC has the most and that means more hours hands on and less in a classroom/ lecture setting. I'll take that. Plus, the instructors have been VERY helpful and geared towards my success which is completely different than what I experienced so far from jeff state in my core classes. I hear the Jeff state nursing program is brutal.

    I've sent my transcript to USA to be evaluated and they said all I need is a licensure to be an RN in Alabama (pass the NCLEX) and my Bus math that I am taking right now, and a lit class, and I can enroll in their BA nursing program online (3 semesters 1 year), and then go for my masters (2 semesters).

    I think we all know USA is not a fly by night university.

    So yes, I was initially told VC wouldn't transfer and there classes don't. But the Licensure they get you DOES. So take your core classes at the community college, then go to VC if you need the Night option (5pm - 10pm M-Thur) and you don't feel like retaking a class (and waiting another year) to get in the jeff state night/weekend class.

    Sure it costs more, but how much will you be losing by not being a nurse for a year?

    Also, if you need extra help and support, how much is that worth it. It also seems they keep most of the nursing students in small groups so you have all the same people in your classes and that makes for easy study partners.
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    also, its pretty cool that my shots n stuff are paid for, I am responsible for my physical, which my Dr did and billed as an annual check up... (its all in the Billing) but then filled out the form later for me with the data.

    Books/ scrubs/ lab stuff are all covered as part of tuition.

    Im VERY happy with Virginia college. I will keep everyone posted. I did my research and I encourage EVERYONE to do theres.

    Q to ask your BA program are

    1. If I am licensed as a RN in ALabama by the AL nursing board, is that accepted in lieu of a degree from an accredited school. (example, some nurses have only a hospital Diploma).

    2. If I take these classes as a community college, do they transfer.

    Mention VC and you hear NO, but ask the above FIRST and then you can lead into

    Well, if I graduated from VC, and I am licensed as an RN in Alabama and I took my classes at a community college, does my license and CC coursework not apply. Yes, it does. but if you took English at VC it wont transfer. So take it at a CC.
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    How did you do your clinicals?

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