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Has anyone applied for the Accelerated Second Degree BSN program at USA (University of South Alabama)? I just submitted my application yesterday and am excited about the possibility of enrolling in the program in July!... Read More

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    I have heard a lot of negative comments about USA's program. I was accepted somewhere else but it is more expensive. How much is USA's accelerated program for out of state students. Any feedback on the program is helpful. I saw where it was ranked 193 for its nursing program. That's not too promising.

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    For all those of you who have been accepted to the BSN/MSN program, how long did it take to hear something from the application deadline. The deadline for me was Sept.1 When do I hear about interviews/acceptance?
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    hey, my name is geralyn and i got accepted into the bsn/msn program at south alabama on october 18th, 2011. i had the phone interview and the same day they called me back and put me in the program.
    the staff told me later that they finished accepting students in both bsn/msn and traditional programs by november 10th. so, if you don't receive a phone call or letter in the mail by november 15th, then most likely you did not get chosen. there is a slim possibility that you might get chosen at the end of november if someone decides not to do the program.

    i heard good things about the program and they have a 97-99% nclex pass rate. the bad thing is you will not have a life outside of school, since you will be in class all day, clinicals and studying.

    i hope i helped!
    good luck, lord knows i need it. lol.

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