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    I'm not from the Birmingham area, however I am extremely interested in UAB's RN Internship program and wanting to apply to it after graduation. I'm having a difficult time getting information from any of the contacts I can find on UAB's website for the RN Internship. I just have a few questions about deadlines and dates, details about the program, competitiveness, etc. Any suggestions or has anyone participated in it recently? I've tried emailing several contacts. I don't know anyone from that area that would know anything about nursing there.


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    You would probably have better luck just getting a job on a unit at UAB than into the internship program. From what I heard, it's like more school and you don't necessarily get guaranteed a job on a unit you orientate on, only if they have an opening.
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    The orientation jobs are posted on their website just like regular RN jobs, just not as many nor as often. Actually I have not heard of a non-UAB grad getting one of those positions.

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