UAB Chemistry Questions - Please help!!

  1. Hi all,
    I am stuck and would very much appreciate your advice!

    I am currently taking the necessary prerequisites (at Faulkner Birmingham) with the intention of beginning the 2nd degree BSN program at UAB next Spring. I still need to take Chemistry, Nutrition and Finite. Ideally I would like to take these at UAB but I heard Chemistry in particular was very difficult and I must keep up my A's in order to get financial assistance (long story).
    1. Is it true that these classes are more difficult at UAB?
    2. Are there other schools in the Birmingham area I can take these classes and transfer them to UAB?
    3. I've seen discussions about Chemistry on-line but not sure how it works? And if will transfer. Can you advise?

    I would so appreciate any advise/knowledge/experiences you may have.
    Thank you in advance!
    Two Pups ~
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  3. by   Y-Chromo_nurse2b
    I have heard the same thing about Chemistry at UAB. I am also looking at the 2nd BS program at UAB. I am working on my prereqs at JeffState and plan on take my Chemistry there.
  4. by   two pups
    How have your classes been so far? When do you think you will apply to uab?
  5. by   Y-Chromo_nurse2b
    I'm taking AP1 and Dev Psy right now. The lab practicals in AP are kicking my @ss. They are complete memorization. Our instructor sets up the models and you have to name the part from memory. Bones and marking were a nightmare and we have muscles coming up next week. The tests on the lecture portions are pretty straight forward and multiple choice.

    I plan to apply to UAB for Spring '11. I am going to take Finite Math, during the mini-semester in May and AP2 and Chem1 during the summer. I will take Chem2 and Microbio in the fall. I will try to get Nutrition during the fall as well. I'll have to take that at UAB. Jeff State only offers Nutrition for people in their nursing program.
  6. by   bama92
    I took all my biology (Anatomy, Physiology, & Micro), chemistry,(inorganic & organic) and nutrition pre-reqs at UAB and made an A in all of them. I would recommend taking chemistry at UAB. I attended all of the classes and labs and didn't get behind and made very high A's in the classes. The key is not getting behind.