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  1. I have been accepted into the AMNP program at UAB that starts up this May. I have not accepted the offer, because I am having some reservations. I would like to know if there is any other students in this program currently that could offer some insight into class scheduling, clinicals, etc. I have a 2 year old daughter and have stayed at home with her ever since she was born. I am probably going to have to put her into daycare if I decide to go through with this program. I know the program is accelerated and therefore demanding...but how "demanding" is it really? Would I be better off just going and getting the 2nd degree bachelors in nursing? Also, is it possible to get financial aid to cover extra living expenses (ie: to send my child to daycare) in addition to getting financial aid to pay for my education? Sorry for so many questions. I have to make my decision really soon, so, as much insight as I can get would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    sweetie1j--There are people in the program with children that have been able to do it. Some of your clinicals could be at night or on weekends so if you are depending solely on daycare to watch your child it may not work. The work is not that demanding at all if you just keep up and don't put it all off. (some weeks do get a little hairy but overall its doable if you're organized) The main problem is that most everything is scheduled last minute so you have no time to plan and different professors will give you different information about what is going on. There are some good professors and some horrible professors so that is also an issue to consider. Also, your clinical time actually in a hospital is very limited. If you are truly interested in Adult health (this program is focused on Adults, no specialties) and can let all the chaos roll off your back the program is good in theory. But no one in the real world knows what it is and therefore it makes looking for a job difficult and it makes transferrring to another school very difficult if you are not happy. The second degree BSN would at least afford you a true BSN and you would have more time in the hospital. Depending on what your first Bachelor's degree is in, you may consider a community college, it would save you a lot of money. Remember you are paying Master's Level tuition even the first year. You will get money for food and housing but it is no where near enough money to replace a paycheck and I don't see how it would cover daycare.
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    I am a current AMNP student. You are wise to have reservations--and that's a colossal understatement. I deeply regret not pursuing an associate's degree or BSN elsewhere. Anyone who wants more details can email me at this sn at yahoo.