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  1. Hello, Just wondering who will be starting the ADN program at Troy? I was accepted into the program and orientation is Aug 9, 2011 ( any information about the session will be helpful)... I am so excited and any information the you can provide will be great!!!
    Thank you and Good Luck to all the future prospect
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  3. by   studentnursepupmom
    I'll be there August 9th, but I don't know ANYTHING! It feels so weird, not knowing anything until orientation... I applied to go directly into the nursing sequence, and we're not even going to find that out until orientation... I'm so nervous!
  4. by   Bridgettea83
    Me too!!! I have called, the only thing they told me is that we will register for classes and have advisement.. I have been nervous, since June when I recieve my acceptance letter. Good luck to you!
  5. by   CRNBSN18
    Congrats to you guys! I would've been in your class but I was at a school with quarters instead of semesters so when they converted them I was two short! It really sucks that that was the only thing keeping me from getting accepted :-( Talking about balling your eyes out! My app was pushed to start in August and I am taking some classes until them to get those extra credit hours needed. Any info you guys can give me would be WONDERFUL! I am so excited and nervous at the same time. I have 6 months until I know something. It's a long time when you're waiting. I would love to know what the first semester is like and what we will learn and how things will go. I have a ton of questions!!
  6. by   Bridgettea83
    Congrats to you!!! I will be starting my full nursing schedule next week, will keep you updated.

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