Shelton State Nursing 2012

  1. Is anyone applying for the Shelton State LPN/RN programs for fall 2012?
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  3. by   snarkalicious
    I'm applying to RN program. I hadn't planned on applying until next Fall since I'm lacking my Micro class but I said what the heck.
  4. by   Mellisa Bresler
    Do u know what the cut off for points is for the RN and LPN programs at Shelton?
  5. by   snarkalicious
    It's my understanding that there is no cut off score. The applicants are ranked based in the number of points on their application. I think the RN program has a possible 220 points (or around that number). The TEAS is worth 150, I think. And then a cumulation of science classes and extras.
  6. by   Mellisa Bresler
    If u don't mind me asking around how many points do u have? I only have 163.5. I applied for the LPN and the RN. I don't really think I'll get in. Good Luck to u maybe we'll both get in and get to meet each other.
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    Is anyone applying for the Shelton State LPN/RN programs for fall 2012?
  7. by   snarkalicious
    I'm not really sure. How much are the Bios worth? 30 points for an A? But I'm still lacking AP202 and Micro. Taking 202 this summer. I should also have some points for work experience. So, maybe around 180 points. Is there a point rundown on the website?
  8. by   snarkalicious
    I did end up finding a rundown of the scoring. It looks like the Bio 103 doesn't hold has much weight as I initially thought. So, it looks like my score might be somewhere in the 150s. I'm not worried if I don't get in this Fall. I originally was going to wait until next Fall to apply so that I would have all my prereqs. But since I already took the TEAS, I decided to apply now. This month is going to move by so slow while we wait!!
  9. by   snarkalicious
    Anyone else applied for Fall 2012? We should be getting our letters within the next couple weeks!
  10. by   snarkalicious
    I was told today that RN letters were supposed to go out today and PN letters go out on Tuesday. Good luck everyone!
  11. by   Trevorsmama
    Anyone applied to the mobility program at Shelton??