Shelton State Nursing 2012

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    Is anyone applying for the Shelton State LPN/RN programs for fall 2012?

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    I'm applying to RN program. I hadn't planned on applying until next Fall since I'm lacking my Micro class but I said what the heck.
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    Do u know what the cut off for points is for the RN and LPN programs at Shelton?
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    It's my understanding that there is no cut off score. The applicants are ranked based in the number of points on their application. I think the RN program has a possible 220 points (or around that number). The TEAS is worth 150, I think. And then a cumulation of science classes and extras.
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    If u don't mind me asking around how many points do u have? I only have 163.5. I applied for the LPN and the RN. I don't really think I'll get in. Good Luck to u maybe we'll both get in and get to meet each other.
    Quote from Mellisa Bresler
    Is anyone applying for the Shelton State LPN/RN programs for fall 2012?
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    I'm not really sure. How much are the Bios worth? 30 points for an A? But I'm still lacking AP202 and Micro. Taking 202 this summer. I should also have some points for work experience. So, maybe around 180 points. Is there a point rundown on the website?
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    I did end up finding a rundown of the scoring. It looks like the Bio 103 doesn't hold has much weight as I initially thought. So, it looks like my score might be somewhere in the 150s. I'm not worried if I don't get in this Fall. I originally was going to wait until next Fall to apply so that I would have all my prereqs. But since I already took the TEAS, I decided to apply now. This month is going to move by so slow while we wait!!
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    Anyone else applied for Fall 2012? We should be getting our letters within the next couple weeks!
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    I was told today that RN letters were supposed to go out today and PN letters go out on Tuesday. Good luck everyone!
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    Anyone applied to the mobility program at Shelton??

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