Shelton State Fall 2017 Hopefuls - page 2

I noticed that nobody has made a post for students applying to Shelton State Community College for the Fall 2017 semester. I just submitted my online application, so now I just have to send in my... Read More

  1. by   alyeliwil
    I got my letter today, y'all!!!
  2. by   Ahallman89
    I know a girl that got her letter yesterday! Hopefully you will get yours today!
  3. by   Ahallman89
    Yay congrats!!! I knew you would with a 30 on the ACT!!!
  4. by   dwigg001
    did you get in?
  5. by   alyeliwil
    yes! super excited! how about you guys?
  6. by   dwigg001
    YES I got in!!!! So flipping excited and nervous!!!
  7. by   HollieBear
    Does anyone know if we have to have our physical/vaccinations done before orientation?

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