Pre- reqs during Jeff State Nursing program...

  1. I am looking for advice from anyone who has taken pre- reqs such as Micro or A&P2 during the Nursing program (specifically at Jeff St, but anywhere similar will do), and how hard it was?
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  3. by   n_student
    I want to apply for the ADN program at Calhoun next fall. i will be taking pre-reqs this summer. Alot of people say that a&p1 is very difficult as compared to a&p2 and micro. I would suggest u to take a&p1 alone, and u can take a&p2 and micro together.
  4. by   RNdiscipulus
    I have already taken all of the pre- reqs except for A&P2 and Micro. I have to take those during the program.
  5. by   n_student
    how was a&p1?
  6. by   RNdiscipulus
    I really enjoyed it actually. I had a professor at the Shelby Campus who was really, really awesome. He would always stay after to answer questions, and he pushed me to do my best. I have been a science lover since day one, but it seems that I have been derailed and receiving a degree in History (who knows). I am reverting back to the RN program at Jeff St, which I hear is great! As for A&P I, I did stay up basically all night to study some nights. It is important to keep up with the material and not fall behind, but you will be just fine if you keep up study habits.
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  7. by   n_student
    Thanks for the advice. I am a little nervous right now. I really wanna do well in all the pre-reqs. I don't how will i study with my 2 yr old son.
    anyways..all the best to u!

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