Official Jeff State/Wallace Spring 10' thread

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    Ok, post your points, any rumors you have heard (and who you heard them from), and prayers

    Why Wallace and Jeff in the same thread??? Because I applied to both of them :P and I bet alot of you did too.

    OK, Product: AP1 A, AP2 B, Micro A, Math C, Compass 99 =
    Wallace - 179 points
    Jeff State - 184 points

    Good luck to everyone! This is going to be a terrible month waiting to hear back.

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    I have 187 points!!
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    Those are the 2 I applied to for fall! I got into both and I'd be shocked if ya'll both didn't get in!! Good luck and happy waiting! That's the worst part!
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    Thank fashionista! I really hope so. Right now I'm waiting on my student loan stuff to come in the mail. Thats been a pain!
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    what were your points fashionista??
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    This wait is driving me crazy! I keep telling myself this is a busy month for me and it will fly by, but its not! LOL I've been sick this week with bronchitis, strep throat, pharyngitis, and a spider bite! Ha! Being at home has made time pass ever so slowly! Does anyone know around what date both schools send out letters???
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    I had 184 at Wallace and 194 at Jeff State. I didn't get the residency points at Wallace that's why it's lower. I've heard wonderful things about both programs but chose Jeff State because it's 10 minutes from my house.
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    Thanks fashionista! I won't get the residency points at Wallace either. But I do have 187 at jeff state. I know the cut-off last semester was 186 so I am nervous! Everytime I get a jeff state letter my stomach goes in my throat.
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    I think 184 was the cut off for Jeff State last semester.
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    I think for jeff state it depended on the campus. I'm at shelby and our cutoff was 186. But they did say it is lower in the spring.

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