nursing school and children

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    ok, i need some ideas on childcare and going to nursing school. i'm going to go to cacc and i am so afraid that they will suddenly change clinicals or something and i won't have enough time to line up a babysitter. do they do that? do you know if the schedule is set in stone? i'm beginning to panic, now. any suggestions?


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    Hi! I am in my last semester of LPN at CACC and my clinicals have never changed yet. I know some ppl inmy class have had little changes in their schedule but I don't think anything major. Having children in school is very tough and double the stress...but you can do it! I have a 3 1/2 and 2 1/2 little boys and it has been tough....but you can do it!
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    Well, I went to a different school, one that DID frequently (and on a whim) change out schedules, and I did it with 2 toddlers. It's hard. The best way I found to do kids and school was to have a core group of people that I could count on to help. My mom, my ex m-i-l, and a few friends. And I would pass around a schedule and get people to sign up for times. I would also call frantically to find help when things changed. It worked beautifully for the most part.

    Nursing school is hard. Raising kids is hard. Together, whew! But it's doable. Plan ahead as best you can, be flexible, and be creative. Best of luck!
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    Hey 2bnurselove08

    I noticed you are about to finish up the LPN program at Cacc. I hope to get in this fall. How do you like it? Any helpful advice you can give me? Also, if you don't mind me asking, how many points did you have, if you know? Do you know how many students they accept? I'm thinking I have right at 150 points. Any info will be appreciated! thanks!

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