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hello, i am new to this forum and would like some positive help. i am going to just put my thoughts out there for you and they may become jumbled. please forgive me!! i know that there are some... Read More

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    I wouldn't say you were required to spend it but sometimes the school books you are given to use are 8+ yrs old and you would like to provide updated info or study charts, worksheets..etc. Many schools have decided that with the 100-500 they give teachers each year for classroom materials that they will get some of that back by making teachers pay for their own copies. Our copies were 5 cents each. I had 197 students on average each year so if I make many copies at all it finishes my budget. I just signed every dollar over to the school and made copies or borrowed from other teachers. At the same time you are paying for copies you still have to buy your own expos or chalk, pens, supplement materials or anything you can think of seeing in a classroom down to staples. If you are lucky the teacher before you will hand you down something but lucky me walked into a brand new position with a bare walled room. Our curriculum director expected a colorful and inviting room from each teacher. Posters that promote learning, decorations or whatever else you can think of. I paid 50.00 for a roll of paper to cover the bulletin board that had been there for no telling how long...older than me for sure. No teacher would donate any because they hoard their own supplies because they too paid for them. The school expects you to be creative and inventive and think outside the in order to think outside the text with activities that means you will have to bring something else in plain and simple. So in a will be spending money. Now if you are like me, you had a car note, student loan repayment, apartment rent, credit card bills (ran up trying to make it in grad school--I know it was dumb) gas to get to work that was over an hour and a half one way, food, you know the rest..and I was on my own because I had no help from parents nor my boyfriend at that time because he too was struggling in his own degree when I finished ahead of him. I ended up having to move to closer to the school and live alone because gas was too much and they volunteered me to take over the dance team which practiced daily. I was told if I didn't take the dance team not expect to come back to work next year so you can imagine the gas I spent just to see him on the weekends but it was better than everyday.
    So it is no wonder that many teachers get tired of all of this before the famous 5 year mark. Most teachers quit by their 5th year or before. I have met nurses turned teachers so I guess it goes both ways and just depends on what you really want. If you really want it you will get it and be happy you did. I recommend that any teacher quitting just try to find a way to keep up the certificate so you don't have to re-take all those exams to be re-certified and you can always fall back on what you did before to make ends meet if you find it is not for you..if you don't try you will never know and you are never too old to go back to school if you want to.
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