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Need nurse with MSN for preceptor, Montgomery, AL

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    I am starting an RN to BSN program next month. At some point in the program I will need a preceptor/mentor. Does anyone know how I could go about finding such a person? I'd appreceiate any information on the matter.
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    I hope someone answers...I have the same question. i'm hoping to go to USA's program next fall. I'm in Birmingham, but I would be willing to travel to Montgomery if it meant finally getting school stuff together.
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    No word from anyone other than you, so far. I'm so concerned because I've read many, many blogs about how difficult, if not impossible it is. I am now thinking I may need go another route. I'm thinking of going back to UOP. Their description of their requirements only says that you have to have a mentor. It's much easier to get someone with a BSN to help you. I have a bachelor's in another field so I can go directly into the Master's program. Actually, I started at UOP in the Master's program several years ago, but I didn't finish. I'm not real sure what to do. Difficulty finding a preceptor may stop lots of people from persuing advanced nursing degrees, if they need a practium. Thanks for commenting.
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    When I think about it, it's harder to think of someone with an MSN to precept Rn-BSN courses than it is to think of someone to precept form MSN (I can only think of doctors not MSN prepared nurses/nurse practitioners). I knew a DO when I worked in Pensacola who precepted FNP students, but can think of no MSN's. It certainly made me rethink the distance's less trouble to move and start over in a new place (I've done that a few times already for my education and my husband's.)

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