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Nclex review classes or books

  1. 0 Has anyone taken any of the RN NCLEX classes or know of a good RN NCLEX book as a good review tool?
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    I took a Kaplan class and read 2 Kaplan books and a Hurst Review book.
    I would suggest reading a big review book. I can sell you all of mine if you would like!!!!!
    Also, I would sign up for the kaplan q bank. It's only 100 dollars for just the q bank I think. The question bank is harder than the actual NCLEX test and the format is the exact same. It has over 1500 questions.
    I took the NCLEX last week and the main thing I did was answer questions, I would answer a minimum of 50 questions a day for about a month and I passed with 75 questions the first time!
    Lemme know if you would like my books! I have a ton of them.