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  1. I am graduating in May 2008. I am looking for a job in the Mobile area. I am just wondering if anyone new what the average starting pay is. I am not from the area, but just trying something new. I will take any information on how hiring works, pay, benefits, cost of living.... just ANYTHING:bowingpur
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  3. by   DrugReptoNurse
    Average starting pay for new grads is $19.75 per hour. Avg shift differential for working nights 7pm to 7 am is $3.00

    Major hospitals are USA Medical Center, Mobile Infirmary, Spring Hill Medical Center and Providence Hospital.

    The benefits are all about the same. No real differences in cost related to insurance.

    Bottom line...the pay sucks. If you move 100 miles to the west you can get a job at Tulane in New Orleans making $35 an hour for the same work schedule.
  4. by   Cinqly
    I'm also looking to move to Mobile in 2009 after I graduate (hopefully!). Does any one hospital have a better working environment?

    I live in a major metropolitan area now, and unfortunately I don't think the new grad situation is much better. I guess you have to take into consideration cost of living. Is Mobile pretty affordable?

    Is $35 an hour at Tulane for new grads?
  5. by   USAstudent
    I work at USA Medical Center and love it! I make apprx $22/hr (plus diff) for almost 2yrs experience. Cost of living is very affordable compared to most metro areas, although it has been increasing a lot lately (we have had several major companies move here in the past year). I live in the Midtown area (historic district) and we bought our house last year for approx $125k (approx. 1500 sq ft). You can buy bigger, newer houses in the west part of the city in the suburbs. I love the area, Mobile has been expanding and growing a lot within the past few years! Let me know if you have any other specific questions.