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  3. by   humblyMe
    Great idea! I'll be looking forward to meeting some of you.
  4. by   jle922
    The orientation for the Jefferson Campus is Tuesday, April 9, 2013 at 1:00 p.m. in room 134 of the Nursing Building.
  5. by   jle922
    Called American family care and asked about the hep b vaccine and you come in at anytime and it is $110 per shot.

    If anyone has a better price, please post it.
  6. by   chontell18
    how many shots are there?
  7. by   jle922
    Three total but we need two out of the three before we begin clinicals. Check ur health insurance provider if it is covered.
  8. by   chontell18
    central health department does them for 59 each!!!
  9. by   Brandie112688
    Hi Everyone! Is anyone excited and just as nervous as I am?
  10. by   aheart
    I'm going to go to health department tomorrow and see if I can get it done. I'll let you all know how it goes.
  11. by   jle922
    I hope you can just go in and get it done quick. Yes, let us know.
  12. by   devondenae
    Do we have to get the shots again if we've already had them or can we submit a shot record?
  13. by   jle922
    Getting my physical and my immunization done right now. Well I'm waiting for the doc to come in. Waiting is the worst. We should remember this when we become NRs.
  14. by   aheart
    I had the TDAP, HepB, Flu, and TB done today at the Health Department. The total cost for those 4 was $140.13. I then had Titers drawn for MMR and Chickenpox at AnyLabTestNow in Homewood by TCBY. The total for the Titers was $178.00. So total for today was $318.13. I have to go back to the health department on Friday to have my TB read, if my titers come back negative, then I'll have the MMR and Chickenpox on Friday also. The wait at both places was surprisingly short, I was the only person waiting at both locations.

    Hope this helps!

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