JEFF STATE RN STUDENTS: has anyone not ordered the scrub pants from meridy's?

  1. I will be starting the rn program at jeff state in january at the shelby campus. We had uniform fittings today and none of the pants fit. Apparently I am inbetweem sizes and one we too tight in the butt area and the next size up swallowed me whole LOL, and the pants were not comfortable at all. The shirt I have no complaints, the large felt fine. I am wondering if anyone has gotten scrub pants to go with the meridy's top elsewhere?? Or if anybody knows if I HAVE to have meridy's scrub pants?if not can anyone recommend somewhere for scrub pants? I live in Birmingham area so preferably somewhere close to the area, or even a website? Thanks
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  3. by   pixiegalsmom
    Walmart carries scrubs or try a uniform shop (scrubs4less in Alabaster), so that you can try them on and see what works best for you. Also, some of the thrift stores have scrubs that might work.
  4. by   Cadnac22
    Im just wondering about jeff states strictness on having meridy's pants or if it matters if it is not meridy's as long as they are white?
  5. by   Cadnac22
    btw I love my walmart scrubs! Haha they are super comfy!
  6. by   pixiegalsmom
    If Meridy's style doesn't fit you, then find something as close as possible and that should work.