Jeff State/CACC thoughts?

  1. Hi Alabama friends,
    Anyone in Bham area, I'm just starting this journey, and am waiting to speak to someone at both Jeff State and CACC...anyone have any thoughts on either school? I'm new to this field, and wondering about all I'm reading about difficulties getting in...I'm a 34 y/o returning student, have a BS (Psych) and MEd--good grades in general, but coudn't tell you what specific grades were in certain subjects, that was a looong time ago lol! Not much science/math background. Did very well on ACT but guess that doesn't matter...since it was 1992!!!

    Any thoughts on when I can realistically expect to get in a ADN program? Seems I may need prereqs...I know an advisor will explain all this but would like to hear about some local's experiences. Thanks!
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  3. by   RNdiscipulus
    Well...I am applying for Fall 2010 at Jeff St. and I know that the pre- reqs are Anatomy and Phys. I and II, Microbiology, Biology 103 (health related), and a Math 100 or higher...personally I recommend Finite Math because it isn't too hard and it is a big help. You do not have to take all of these pre- reqs but it is recommended. You really only have to take 3 of them. They rank you based on the grades you receive, which I am sure you have read. I used BIO103, A&PI, and my Finite counted in the third category as well as my math. 30 pts for A, 20 for B and 10 for C...math category is A or B gets 11 and C gets 5 I think. All of that constitutes up to 101 points if you have all A's, and the other 99 points is a reading comprehension test that is not hard to make a 95 or above on. If you can manage to take at least 2 sciences and make A's, and a highers level math course and get an A...score above a 90 on the reading comp you can get in. I personally like Jeff St. because everything about it is a challenge and it is close to home. As I am a student that is going back to nursing (took the pre- reqs my second year of college and I am now 24), I am about to graduate with a BA in History with a double minor in Education and Psych. I would recommend taking all of the pre- reqs before you apply because it will make nursing school a little harder than it already is by having to take micro and others during the program. I am aware that I will have to study a good bit more, but at this point in my life I have to make a choice. I enjoyed Jeff St. as an undergrad, I have a lot of friends going into the program right as I am, and I assume it will treat me just as well in the Nursing program if everything goes as planned. You could realistically apply after taking 2 semesters to complete the pre- reqs needed to apply. Good luck!
  4. by   avecar10
    Thanks for your response. I'm finding all this confusing and a little bit discouraging. Can't seem to find anyone who is really that interested in talking to me about my options--I guess when you have hundreds more applicants than spots, you don't really feel like you have to go out of your way to help someone decide what's best. It looks like I'm going to apply to CACC (which has no prereqs) and possibly Troy Montgomery, neither of which I will get into, so I'm looking at either starting in the LPN (which I'm getting conflicting answers on whether or not Student Loans will pay for) or biting the bullet and going into a BSN program which I can start on anytime. Anyway, good luck to you too and thanks for responding.
  5. by   RNdiscipulus
    I can understand it being confusing...It was for me too...especially jumping back into it from all these history classes. If you really wanted to get in...I would recommend taking Bio103, Anatomy and Phys. I and Finite Math...if you make A's and maybe one B and score above like a 97 on the COMPASS test (which is not hard to do if you take your time), you could get in fairly easily. I would really consider it, both of these programs you are interested in are good. Just give it a little more consideration.

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