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any Jeff State Fall 2011 hopefuls out there?? I am taking the TEAS V Wednesday, so then I will know how many points I have!!! :)... Read More

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    UPDATE: Jeff State Chilton, will not be beginning their program this Fall. Looks like it'll be Spring or next Fall before it's up and running. I was told that they only received 2/3 approvals......Looks as though I'll be focusing on Wallace, Selma now

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    The students that applied for last fall weren't notified until around July 7th if they got in and their deadline was May 12th. I don't expect Jeff State to have any answers anytime soon.

    Does anyone have a list of what vaccinations we need done?
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    to sally 1978, Is Wallace in Selma's program a day time program?
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    wow.. July 7th is over 3 weeks away.. :-( more waiting....
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    Does anyone know what the date of orientation will be if we get in? Just praying it doesn't land on my family vacay.
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    Hey everyone I hope it doesn't take until July 7th to get our letters. I know the adviser told me it would be 4 to 6 weeks after the deadline which was May 19th. That would make it sometime from this Thursday until the end of June. I got an acceptance letter from Wallace and they have orientation on June 20th. Which they are my second choice and I was hoping I would know something from Jeff State before then. That way I could let Wallace know that I was not going to attend there and they could give the spot to someone else. But I am afraid to tell them until I know something definite.Also does anyone know if I give my financial aid info to Wallace and do not go there does that effect anything at Jeff State. Can't you have financial aid offers from say 2 schools but pick the one that you want to use? Just never been in that situation before.
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    Hey Busy mom, it shouldn't affect your financial aid because you can list more than one school in your SAR. That being said, i feel your pain. Hopefully we will have heard something by the 20th. In any event, you should definitelty show up for Wallace if you haven't heard anything... Is that Wallace in Selma? how long will you have to drive to get there?
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    Quote from teejazzy2
    to sally 1978, Is Wallace in Selma's program a day time program?

    Yes it is. Thier deadline was June 1st so it'll be a while before I hear anything out of them. I shall continue biting my nails.
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    Hey teejazzy2 I applied at the Hanceville campus for Wallace. It will be about a hour drive and that is one way. I am planning to go to the orientation on the 20th. Thanks for the info on financial aid. Maybe we will all get lucky and Jeff State will have the letters out before July. That would be great!!!!!!!!!! The waiting is driving me crazy lol :smackingf
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    to lpr0711, not sure what the orientation date will be.., just guessing that it will probably be sometime in july since classes will start in August... (fingers crossed)

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