Is Jacksonville State a good nursing program?

  1. I am thinking about going to Jacksonville state for nursing. Is this a good school? I plan on moving out of state after I grad with an RN, i am not sure how to find how it is rated vs. other south eastern schools. I would appreciate anyone's input... Thanks
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  3. by   psycheab
    If you go to the Alabama Board of Nursing website and look up all the nursing programs, it details how many people sat for the NCLEX and how many passed percentage-wise by school. Looking at that, it looks like improvements have been made over the last few years. Now, does that mean that they restructured the program, got new faculty, etc.? Or does that mean that the last bunch of students had heard that the previous years hadn't done so great so they buckled down and studied harder? Meh, who knows? However, it is a program that has been in place for years that continually puts new nurses to work and if a BSN is what you are aiming for, then go for it. I say this as a JSU alum, although I didn't get my nursing degree there. Once you graduate, you'll still have to sit for the NCLEX and pass to obtain your RN license. With that in hand, I don't think hospital administrators or the person you interview with get too hung up on where you went for your education.