I just got in to jefferson davis community college rn program fall '12 - page 2

I wanted to no has anyone else got in or is anyone in the program i wanted to no what should i expect from first block,the books i need, just any helpful info i live in mobile so its like 45 min away any help would be... Read More

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    Congrats, let us know about your experience there I'm thinking about applying there for the Mobility Program when I'm done at Reid State Technical College.
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    I havent attended ther school either I THINK YOU SHOULD BE OK LET ME NO IF U GET IN
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    I will certianlly post my experience at jd
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    Moved to Alabama State Nursing Programs.
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    I got in had some difficulties but finally made it !!
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    Congrats hope to meet u in person
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    Orientation is the 9th correct?

    I havn't actually gotten my letter yet because the office didnt enter in my microbiology points when they got my transcript so it only showed that I had 120 points. I had to go up to the school and find out what was going on (since I never received a letter). They fixed the mistake and called me back saying they were sending my acceptance letter sometime this week and that I would have until next Friday to send my response.

    Is there anything else we are supposed to have like a CPR certification or proof of vaccinations? Ive never had a TB test and I know most places require it.
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    Yea it a lot of stuff it's $458 of fees CPR card, shots proof of mmr series measles/rubeola or titer chicken pox,tetanus shot ,flu shot,physical,tb shot and u register on the 9th we got orientation for 13-15 9am-4pm I think that's everything
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    Hi Shantel,

    My daughter go into the program for Jeff Davis Fall 2012 at the Atmore Campus. Yay her. Was wondering, which part of town do you live. She lives in Milton....was wondering if you lived in this area or if anybody else accepted live in this area... I guess she will find out on the 13th. Congrats to you for getting in
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    @ rn in fl Thanks.......I live in mobile,al it live 45 min from atmore but in the letter we have orientation in brewton and that a 1 1/2 away from me so I hope we don't have to go there to often but I don't no well I look forward to meeting everyone I don't no no one else personally that's going there
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