How to find a job

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    I have been an RN almost 20 years, but haven't worked in a clinical setting in about 15. I have applied for numerous jobs, but just can't get an interview. Any suggestions?
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    Try calling and speaking with the HR department, show that you are following your interview up!
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    I work in ICU and I've recommended nurses to stop by and speak to our nurse manager directly. There is always a disconnect between HR and nurse mangers. Sometimes it's just best to go directly to the source and create that connection, then see where it goes from there.
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    I've been looking for> 1yr for a job. I have 16 yrs experience but have been out of nsg since '97-not sitting on my behind but out of nsg. I've had real problems finding a job. The travel places won't have you b/c you haven't had experience "recently" (which they define as w/in the last 5 yrs). I may be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel though as I'm being called back to meet the midnight shift staff of the unit I'll potentially be working in. Enough about me-here's my advice:
    1) Don't give up
    2) Pick a facility & if they have an online applications process, apply for every single position they have listed as being open. I mean it..every. single. position. (every single nursing position you're qualified for, of course)
    3) Every couple weeks, go back to their website & apply for any new positions they've added since your last visit.
    I don't actually know if this will help. I only know it was the only thing I did differently that seemed to make a difference. Prior to that, I couldn't even get an interview! And there is nothing wrong with me, bad hx, etc.
    Good luck!
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    I'm a new RN grad and I've had a few interviews. I was offered one job however my husband had me turn it down due to the distance and now I wish I had not! I can't even get another interview! Nobody has called in weeks. Some hospitals only allow you to apply up to 5 times a month so that stinks but others in my area let you apply every day.... Most dr offices want MA or LPN so its frustrating